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Re: [opensuse-kubic] *.yaml files for pods
On Thu, 2018-10-04 at 14:50 +0200, Thorsten Kukuk wrote:

if we ship pods like kured (kubernetes reboot daemon) or anything
else like a monitoring or logging solution, how should we provide the
required *.yaml files to start the pods on the cluster?

E.g. for the kured container we need to apply:
- kured-rbac.yaml to allow kured to drain the node
- kured-ds.yaml to start the daemonset

If we make kured a required default, it's easy. But what if this
should be optional?
What would be the best/official solution to provide users with this
files, so that they can download the image from our registry and
run it on the kubic cluster?

I would argue for these kinds of things to be delivered as a Helm
chart. For kured this[1] could be used as base - "forked", with just
the image details swapped out for the openSUSE ones, and then published
to an openSUSE charts repository. I say "forked" in quotes, because
it's not *really* forking.. It's no different IMO to packaging bash.

Even for built in/default things, using a helm chart makes a lot of
sense to me - we wouldn't suggest shipping binaries around as a .tgz,
we have .rpm after all! For Kubernetes the equivalent to .rpm is Helm


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