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[opensuse-kernel] No kernel 5.9 in Kernel:stable and Tumbleweed

this is just so you know: I intentionally linger with pushing kernel 5.9 into K:s and TW. Nvidia (mainly CUDA – uvm module) has licensing problems with 5.9. It always had, but 5.9 forbids this bad behavior now¹⁾.

To cite, Nvidia promises to provide something "early". They will allegedly provide some announcement somewhere too (I don't know the details, don't ask me). Seife might (or might not) know more.

If that doesn't happen until 5.9.1²⁾, I won't wait any longer and will proceed with pushing 5.9.1 to K:s and TW. They had enough time to fix their issue. More precisely since 5.9-rc1 which was released on Aug 16 13:04:57 2020 -0700. That is almost _two_ months! In fact, they must have been aware of the problem given they have been using this so-called GPL condom for ages.

While I understand there might be CUDA users in TW, I see a little reason why one company would stop rolling our rolling distro. Users relying on uvm module should simply stay ("zypper al" is your friend) with 5.8 until the mess is resolved. If they don't announce anything, we will, so you can keep up.

²⁾ There is no 5.9 queue in stable-queue git yet. It will take few more days or a week.

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