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[opensuse-kernel] Planned restructuring of kernel-firmware package

The package's been notoriously big (over 400MB installed!), and the
demand of footprint reduction was demanded more and more. So I've
been working on restructuring the kernel-firmware package. The
current result is found in OBS home:tiwai:fw-compress3 project.

Some highlights:

- The traditional kernel-firmware.rpm is still provided for older
kernels, which contains all firmware files in raw format in a single

- The new kernel-firmware-all.rpm is created, and this is a catch-all
meta package for sub-packages below;
this one is available only for kernel >= 5.3, and will replace and
obsolete the kernel-firmware.rpm.

- The firmware files are split into a bunch of sub-packages (e.g.
kernel-firmware-iwlwifi, kernel-firmware-media, etc), so that user
can install only a small set of firmware files.
Each firmware file is compressed in XZ format, hence these packages
are supported only by 5.3 or later kernel.
And each package contains Supplements rpm tag for module aliases
that are generated from our current and past kernel binaries, so
that the sub-package your hardware requires may be installed
automatically via zypper install-recommends.

What does this mean? After TW switching to 5.3 kernel, a fresh
installation would have kernel-firmware-all.rpm and all
kernel-firmware-* subpackages. You can suppress the full installation
by manually choosing and excluding / locking, too, if you want to
reduce the installation size. But as a first step, I guess we'll
still keep the Recommends to kernel-firmware-all either in pattern or
kernel binary rpm.

Since these files contain the compressed files, even the full
installation of all firmware files would result in much smaller size;
from 400MB to 100MB. If you choose only needed sub-package, it'll be
much smaller, of course.

For systems upgraded from 5.2 or earlier kernels, the old-style
kernel-firmware.rpm will be still installed as long as the previous
old kernels are present on your system. Once after the old kernels
are gone, you can switch to the new compressed / split kernel-firmware

It's still in development, so any suggestions / comments appreciated.
Once after hearing opinions, I'm going to submit the package later.


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