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Re: [opensuse-kernel] Tumbleweed kernel provides
On 05. 03. 19, 19:49, Jeff Mahoney wrote:
On 3/4/19 2:59 AM, Jiri Slaby wrote:
On 01. 03. 19, 19:00, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
While looking for some information I noticed that Leap kernel has
provides for modules and symbols, while TW kernel only has provides for
(I presume) obsolete KMPs. Is it intentional?

I think so. For historic reasons, released openSUSE tried to preserve
kABI in some sense, so that you don't need rebuild and update KMPs with
every kernel update. Tumbleweed on the other hand never claimed the
kernel is stable (in terms of kABI), so there is no point in generating
respective "provides".

I am not sure we still keep kABI in Leap though. I mean, I don't know if
there is any point in generating provides even in Leap nowadays.

We should keep the kABI in Leap.  It's not as if desktop/laptop systems
don't use third-party modules.  Also, what are the odds that we end up
with an issue that's specific to Leap that's not also in SLE?  We should
get the kABI fixes "for free" from SLE.

Sure and agreed -- as long as we keep basing Leap kernels on the top of
SLE, we should of course use the advantage...

suse labs
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