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Re: [opensuse-kernel] Will OpenSuse 12 release with pvops Kernel 3.0, and Xen to match?
06/03/11 5:10 PM >>>
If so, will that be the pvops-capable kernel? Or a port, as is current,
to a non-pvops, traditional kernel?

I'm looking to know if v12 will release with native/pvops Xen support
or whether we'll still need to use versions of SuSE's forward ported

A firm decision wasn't made afaik, but I'm personally expecting to continue the
forward port route until the pv-ops code is really on par wrt features
currently present in the forward ported version, and shows an acceptable rate
of regressions.

If pvops, I gather that Xen itself will need to be compiled against/for
the pvops kernel. Is that also the plan for v12?

Xen doesn't get built for a particular guest OS, even less a particular
implementation of one.


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