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Re: [opensuse-kernel] kernel SLE11_BRANCH
On Tue, Jan 04, 2011 at 10:15:03PM +0100, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
Am 04.01.2011 22:02, schrieb Greg KH:
On Tue, Jan 04, 2011 at 09:50:41PM +0100, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
I'm far away from being a kernel hacker unfortunately. I might just end
up being the one trying to merge security patches I find somewhere into
that kernel to keep 11.1 running.
The changes I would need right now are some to the spec file templates
as I cannot rely on SUSE's internal PDB to fix package descriptions up.
So I'm planning to go through the templates and fill in useful text.

Ick, no, don't do that, just use obs and the scripts we have for
generating packages directly from the kernel git tree, and you will not
need to edit any of those template files at all.

I use OBS and if you check your kernel:SLE11_BRANCH project you will
find that your kernel packages there have exactly that issue. All have
summary "Dummy summary" and description "Dummy description".

Odd, when I ran 'scripts/' last time, I thought the correct
descriptions got generated. Did you try that?

And if you all don't have someone to maintain your kernel, that actually
knows how to handle kernel security issues, that might be a good thing
to fix before thinking that Evergreen is going to be a viable platform
that someone can actually trust.

Yes, and I never claimed something else. And given the responses to my
initiative up to now I'm inclined to stop my efforts asap.
It's not fun (and not possible) to drive this a one man show so
apparently noone out there needs it. I also don't need it just for my
private little dedicated server. I can and should just use CentOS.
I was thinking there is a gap in our offers and we would find people to
join in. That wasn't the case yet and I still wanted to start the
experiment with 11.1 and would never recommend to people to use it but
given they have nothing from now on but are also not able to switch
everything was better than nothing.
So yes, your comment was rather motivating to me :-(

If you are the only developer wanting to work on Evergreen, then perhaps
it will not be able to get very far. Even CentOS has major resource
issues (i.e. no developers to work on it.) I think there is a need for
something like Evergreen, but without the people to do the actual work,
like any opensource project, it's not going to get far.

Sorry about that, best of luck,

greg k-h
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