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S O L V E D !!! Re: [opensuse-kde3] Need HELP - zypper dup 42.3 -> 15.0 leaves KDE3 styles (widgetStyles) missing.
On 11/19/2019 06:06 PM, David C. Rankin wrote:
I'm stumped. Never had an issue with the styles just not showing up. I've
compared the file dates/times between the fresh install and this one for all
plugins -- they are the same and same size. I've swapped qtrc and
qt3_plugins_3.3rc between the installs -- no help. We are off into the land of
the bizarre. Gremlins?

S O N O F A B I T C H !!!

zypper dup had allowed a vendor-change to the qt3 in packman instead of the
qt3 from the kde3 repo. It wasn't until I was pulling my hair out comparing
'minor' versions of the packages that I snapped to having qt3


instead of


zypper dup --from kde switched all packages back to the kde repo and after a
log-out/log-in presto all styles were back.

(keramik gradient on the buttons makes all the difference in the world when
pulling off a dark-theme with KDE3)

Jesus, that wasn't even on my RADAR. That wasn't a problem I ever recall
surfacing over the past 15 years....

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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