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Re: [opensuse-kde3] zypper up - nothing provides pdftools_any needed by kdegraphics3-pdf-3.5.10-lp150.156.1 ??
David C. Rankin composed on 2019-02-25 23:05 (UTC-0600):

Running zypper up tonight, kdegraphics3-pdf would not update due to the

Problem: nothing provides pdftools_any needed by
Solution 1: do not install kdegraphics3-pdf-3.5.10-lp150.156.1.x86_64
Solution 2: break kdegraphics3-pdf-3.5.10-lp150.156.1.x86_64 by ignoring some
of its dependencies

I have 3.5.10-lp150.155.1 installed and it is working fine. Did something
change? (or did I fix something/build .155.1 and forget what I did?)

No reason for the pdftools_any dependency. Can the .spec just be updated?

Didn't we go through this here last year? I've been choosing to break too long
to remember.
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