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[opensuse-kde3] Re: Setting up BlueTooth with KDE3
On 2017-07-07 08:54:38 David C. Rankin wrote:
On 07/06/2017 10:07 PM, Leslie Turriff wrote:
So where am I likely to find bluetoothctl? It looks to me like the
tools the OpenSuSE packages are providing might be deprecated? The
website says that hciconfig is.


OpenSuSE is generally built on older stable versions, while Archlinux is
build on the current upstream release version. (meaning if say bluez was
version 5.44 and the maintainers release 5.45, then within usually 3 hours
the packaged version on Arch is 5.45) On suse if Leap 42.2 was released
with bluez 5.35, it stays 5.35 for the whole release cycle).
Turns out I had the KDE3 repository's priority set higher than the main
repositories to avoid pulling down KDE4 or Plasma bits as much as possible,
and the KDE3 repository has an old copy of the bluez package (heaven knows
why; it's not part of KDE at all), hence, bluetoothctl was not installed.
Adjusting the priority and reinstalling bluez fixed that up, at least. But
there seems to be no documentation at all for the current bluez package; no
man page, no Documentation page on the website. :-( I followed the
instructions on that ArchWiki page, but I'm stuck at the pair command, which
supposedly should get a PIN request from the device, but in my case doesn't;
after which the connect command fails.
I'll have to dig around in the journals to see what's happening with
but I thought you might be interested in my progress. :-)
There seems to be no way to clear the partial configuration using
bluetoothctl; at least its internal help feature doesn't show any. What fun.

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