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Re: [opensuse-kde3] external storage notify and removal
On 07/03/2017 02:24 AM, Felix Miata wrote:
If the opensuse bugzilla will take kde3 bugs, I'll file them there.
In the past 60 months I filed 8 bugs against KDE3. 2 have status resolved. The
other 6 remain open:

Total KDE3 filed in past 60 months is 37, including 5 duplicates. Total open
12 (4 of which for out of support releases):

965242 I've not seen in a while, so I suppose that's been fixed somehow.

Ilya left quite some time ago, probably over a year, yet he's still the
assignee, and no one seems to be triaging or otherwise tending any of them
except maybe by accident.

That's bad, but builds are working in 42.3 so somebody has got to be updating
the buildservice pattern to build for 42.3

By my count, TDE has more open bugs on openSUSE than KDE3 has, and nothing I
know of has been "fixed" on TDE that is open on KDE3. KTTSMgr does not work as
installed in either one, and removable media problems are worse in TDE than
in KDE3.

A glaring omission in KDE3 that TDE has is for GTK3 app styles. GTK2 will soon
be history. There is currently no open bug for this need.

Agreed. The gtk3 kcontrol app shouldn't be difficult at all to bring over. All
we need is to rename tqt->qt and td->kd (essentially) There isn't much that
actually interacts with TDE/tqtinterface other than by name (that was the
point). The gtk3 kcontrol essentially just does the same thing the gtk2
control does (theme, font, filechooser settings, etc..)

What do you propose the best way to get the build service files under our
control for testing? I'm not sure how to branch the entire KDE project and I'd
much rather have a local build (virtualized Leap 42.2 and 3 with nothing but
the base OS and KDE for building -- to avoid the utter waste of time with the
nanny buildservice .spec nags until you are ready to push the package to
buildservice. When I want to work on a new package, I don't like spending the
first 4 hours jacking with .spec nags -- do that at the end)

Thoughts? I'll play with it over the next few weeks and see what I can do

TDE is probably as a practical matter unusable for many if not most openSUSE
(and Debian Stretch) users due to $SUBJECT.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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