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Re: [opensuse-kde3] Re: Leap 42 - First Login kded/kicker crashes, logout/login again all is OK - Any idea?
On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 6:23 PM, Mark Goldstein
<goldstein.mark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
As far as I could understand from quick googling, this gamin thing is
some gnome replacement of old FAM service. It looks like when
application calls FAMOpen (which is in libfam0-gamin), and gam_server
is not running, the server is started. I've not investigated it
further. Will try to look a bit more into it during weekend.

Hmm, I dug a bit more in this FAMOpen, then I wanted to see the crash
again, removed my patch and... surprise, no crash. Just as David said.
Now I see that gam_server parent PID is 1. Could be that now it is
started by some process that complete running and so the PPID is set
to 1.

FAMOpen calls gamin_connect_unix_socket. Inside this function it opens
PF_UNIX socket and tries connecting to gam_server. If connection
fails, it forks gam_server and tries connection again.

What has changed? Maybe some update? I'll check update logs...

Mark Goldstein
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