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Re: [opensuse-kde3] WiFi on Presario c700
On Saturday 21 May 2016 20:30:42 Patrick Serru wrote:


Currently networking infrastructure of KDE3 is pretty obsoleted. For the
moment I suggest you to use nm-applet, a Gnome aplication, but is
integrating very well with KDE3.


Hello Serghei,

Thank you very much. It looks working well : with ethernet connected
from the boot, the system uses it. Deconnecting the ethernet cable, the
WiFi relays "automaticaly". Reconnecting Ethernet, then (Alt+F2) to
start /usr/bin/nm-applet, then deconnecting WiFi with the applet and the
ethernet is used again.

I suppose that having stated /usr/bin/nm-applet from a graphical log
first, make /usr/bin/nm-applet to be started automaticaly on next boot, or
I missed something ?

It depends. The KDE3 offers an options which remembers which programs running
before shutdown and will auto-start they automatically at next login. To see
if this option is activated check KControl -> KDE Components -> Session
Manager -> On Login -> Restore previous session.

Also, you can set any program to start automatically if the KDE3 will found it
in ".kde3/Autostart"

For example, to start automatically the nm-applet, create a symlink:

ln -s /usr/bin/nm-applet ~/.kde3/Autostart

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