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Re: [opensuse-kde3] 13.1: can only safely remove usb device as root user
Felix Miata írta:
Anyone know what needs to be configured or installed to enable a normal user
to safely remove a stick mounted via auto discovery and opened in Konq as
file manager? Is it simply a matter of hal not being installed? Are there
negative consequences to having hal on 13.1? In 11.4 safely remove from Konq
context menu just worked, no fuss, no complaint about no permission.


This has been a long known problem in newer openSUSE versions with KDE3.
The last openSUSE version where I could make this behavior normal was oS 12.2.
This makes me stick with that openSUSE version.

This is not only a matter of HAL installation. Even HAL enabled KDE3 base
packages do not work in newer openSUSE in this matter if I remember correctly.

With normal KDE base packages (that is, not HAL enabled) you have two options:

1. Disable udisk2 backend in KDE control center (Peripherals -> Storage media
-> Advanced). In this case safe removal works but but USB media is recognized
as normal hard drives.

2. Leave udisks2 backend active. In this case the media is recognized correctly
but safe removel does not work.

Automounting works in both cases and default mount options cannot be set for
the specific USB media in any of the two approach. Whichever method you choose
it will not be as functional than the original behavior.

A possible workaround:
If you choose option 2 you can remove, more precisely unmount the media in
konsole command line or using krusader file manager (right click -> unmount).
It only unmounts the file sytem and the icon stays on the desktop indicating
unmounted state.

It would be nice if the code of "safely remove" could be changed for the code
used in krusader.

For references on this topic see:

[opensuse-kde3] automount of USB disk in openSUSE 12.3 / KDE3

[opensuse-kde3] OpenSUSE 12.2 and USB-stick safely remove

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