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Re: [opensuse-kde3] 11.4 -> 13.1 update - good job Ilya/All
On 07/14/2014 09:35 PM, Patrick Serru wrote:
Hi All,

Is there problems with kicker ? I remember that I had. Gave up the
installation of 13.1.


I'm not sure. When I installed kde3 on 13.1, I moved my 11.4 ~/.kde settings from 11.4 to 13.1, so I thought that is what caused kicker to blow up. But, I did experience kicker "going nuts" on first launch of kde3 on 13.1. Here is a screenshot of my current kicker on 13.1 (same as my 11.4 after I set it back up):

For me, here is what happened. On first launch:

- I received about 5 kicker error dialogs (I should have saved them)
- kicker was running fine but not applets were present, only quicklaunch
- the quicklaunch applet had all my entries from 11.4
- there was no kmenu
- there was no show desktop
- there was no taskbar
- there was no systray
- there was no desktop pager
- there was no clock
- quicklaunch was centered in the middle of kicker
- all autohide/layout settings were otherwise correct

All I had to do to get kicker back the way it should be was to add all the missing applets back. You know, just right-click on kicker and add application/add applet to add kmenu, showdesktop, taskbar, systray, desktop pager and clock. Then all I had to do was rt-click on the (up arrow control) for each new applet on kicker and choose "move" to move them around and get them back in place.

It works 100% fine after that. I don't know if this is a 13.1 problem, or if it was due to my moving 11.4 settings before starting, but I did have this problem on 13.1 install. Kicker has been fine since and everything else (except for those missing desktop icons... trash, system, home) is working perfectly as far as I can tell. All the kios (sftp, http, etc..), launchers, modin splash screens, menus, context menus all are working great. I did have that KSVGviewer issue, but I'm sure we can get that fixed.

If you gave up on 13.1 install due to the kicker problem, try it again. If you have issues, post back and we will help you get it going.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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