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Re: [opensuse-kde3] Ideas for new NetworkManager frontend
On Tuesday 04 December 2012 18:08:47 Will Stephenson wrote:

Well, I made it buildable already (and even more, like to use new
introspection files). The problem is to understand how it's working, to
make necessary corrections.

This is why I did a complete rewrite of it for KDE 4. It was written by a
kernel C hacker, I just tried to make it work, not leak memory and be
relatively sane. The code is unmaintainable.

If I were you I'd scrap any code derived from the NM 0.7/0.8 based KDE3
knetworkmanager and backport the dbus code (IIRC, the KDE 3 dbus bindings
are copied from Qt 4's so this should be simple) and the config dialogs
from KDE 4 knetworkmanager. There are no big differences to KDE 3
programming style there.

Qt3 DBUS binding is based on older implementation of Qt4 DBUS, and it's pretty
buggy. In any case, I decided to avoid direct dbus calls and to use nm-utils
and nm-glib. With glib mainloop patch for Qt3 the integration is pretty nice
and simple.

Then I would write a new tray app as frontend.
You don't need a connection settings service with NM 0.9 as NM itself
stores the connections, and the tray app should intercept receive any local
secret request signals and return those from KWallet.

Yes, I know. Actually I want to create a KDED service, to act as secret agent,
the tray applet should be used just for activating/deactivating connections.



Now i'm working on the connection editor, implemented as kcm module, see the

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