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[opensuse-kde3] not enough hard deps
Yesterday I did a 32 bit minimal server M2 install. After booting it a couple of times I went about ad hoc addition of KDE3. After doing zypper in to enough KDE3 packages that I thought startx should open KDE3[1], I found virtually none of Xorg had been pulled. I also found that /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and windowmanager hadn't been touched by adding KDE3 packages, which I changed from xdm & twm with MC to kdm & kde.

Once startx did get a KDE3 desktop up, most of what should have been in the main starter menu was missing, system settings in particular. I noted this in my installation success announcement post on the opensuse-factory list, including log from KCrash handler. Thinking there must be some bug, I went about doing unrelated things (nothing involving installing X related or KDE related packages), exiting KDE3 and reopening it at least once.

Then in the process of doing other things I rebooted. On next KDE3 open, the missing starter menu items were all there, and KDE3 as I need it all seems to work, while nothing GTK or KDE4 that isn't a hard dep is littering the installation or filling up my / partition. :-)

[1] .bash_history excerpts (apparently excludes entries made from Konsole instead of runlevel 3):
zypper in kdebase3-kdm
rpmqa session
zypper se session
zypper in kdebase3-session
rpmqa kd
zypper in kdebase3-SuSE kdebase3-apps kdeutils3 kdegraphics3 kde3-kcm_gtk kdeadmin3 kdeaddons3-kicker kdeaddons3-konqueror kde3-gwenview kdenetwork3-IRC MozillaFirefox seamonkey-irc
rpmqa x11
zypper in dbus-1-x11 x11-tools xorg-x11-driver-input xorg-x11-driver-video xorg-x11-server
rpmqa font
zypper in droid-fonts liberation-fonts dejavu xorg-x11-fonts
rpmqa qt
zypper in yast2-control-center-qt3
zypper se settings
zypper in systemsettings-kde3
rpmqa kd
zypper in kdeaddons3-sound kdemultimedia3-mixer
zypper in kdemultimedia3
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