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Re: [opensuse-kde3] 12.1 and kde3
On 01/10/2012 04:29 PM, David C. Rankin wrote:
On 01/10/2012 08:12 PM, kanenas wrote:
It took a while, but everything i want out of my 'puters is being delivered by
suse 12.1/kde3, that of course being " ALMOST everything," there is just one
thing remaining: The only issue is that kde3 somehow fails to recognize my
digital camera, a fuji 500esr; the camerta can be seen in gnome and kde4, but
*not* in kde3. my ancient olympus *is* visible.(Olympus has a std mini usb plug,
fuji has a micro-usb plug if that means anything). The maddening thing is that
virtualbox windoze vms do see the fuji and i can move the pics from the camera
thru a windoze app, also the built in chipcard reader now works on the laptop,
so i do have a workaround or two, even if i don't want to load kde4 or gnome,
but still, i would like to plug in the camera and have the 'puter see it. is my
camra a usb 3.0 or something and does kde3 need an update to see the relatively
new device? has there been an update on usb device protocols lately? any

also, as an fyi, getting the mike (and skype) to work requires the pulse audio
volume pavucontrol app, removing pulse audio was not the answer for me,it's
removal caused more problems in 12.1.


I am seeing the same thing in 11.4. Digikam used to see all my cameras, now
none of them will work. I'm not sure what the problem is. I posted this earlier
about 11.4, but as of yet I have no responses. See "digikam no longer recognizes

Hopefully, this will get identified and sorted out soon.

yea, i was gonna add to your post, but i thought it might not be the same thing... i am afraid that keeping strigi and akonadi and selinux out has it's price:)
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