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Re: [opensuse-kde3] duplicate messages in kmail 1.9
On Sunday 25 December 2011 02:57:51 kanenas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Still trying to find why on my desktop kmail forgets what it has allready
downloaded from the isp mail server (roadrunner, with a windoze pop server)
and (re) fetches all that is stored there, almost all the time, on all or on
some of the sub accounts i have there!!!! This happens on two different
installs of 12.1, the first with both kde4 and kde3 installs, the second with
kde3 only. For a while I thought the problem was solved with a different
build of kdepim3, that was temporary. To make things worse, the problem is
not consistent. Sometimes, there is no duplicate download. Sometimes there is
duplicate download only on one or two of the subaccounts. Sometimes the
duplicate downloading switches to another account and sometimes all the
accounts keep bringing in a copy of all the emails stored in the isp server.
And the maddening thing is that the same kmail data and config files that had
the duplicate problem on the desktop were copied to the laptop, there they
work just fine, there are *no* duplicates!!!!! the laptop has a fresh
install of 12.1, with both kde3 and kde4, kde3 was installed from a running
kde4. The still operational 11.1 (with kde3 only) on the desktop has no
problem either.
sooo, where do i look for usual suspects? this issue will soon make 12.1 a
no-go if there is no solution.
thanks in advance and

I think this is because the server does not support one command that
is used to determine which messages already has been downloaded.

I solved this problem by changing a mail server. For me, on messages
were duplicated, but works well.
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