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Re: [opensuse-kde3] kmail probs in 12.1- SOLVED - not!!
On Saturday 17 December 2011 08:00:54 am kanenas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Friday 16 December 2011 04:15:02 pm Ilya Chernykh wrote:
On Saturday 17 December 2011 06:12:11 kanenas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Lol. It's not version, it's number of build. All kdepim3 packages
are built from the same source (the version in 11.1 repo is
slightly outdated and does not include the latest patches because
currently KDE:KDE3 repo is built only for 11.4 and above).

version, build number, 36-22-36, ah it's all the same to me:))))
but, the bs aside, i am glad this got your attention, you are tjhe
goto guy re 3.5, soo, you might want to do / propose some fixing
into the kde3 pattern:)

Which fixing you want? The pattern is just a list which packages
to install. It does not include version numbers.

the "pattern" install defaults to the 154 build. i think it should
default to the 11.1.2build, which actually is *not* in the kde3 repo,
it is in oss! sooo, perhaps the right build should be moved to the
right repo, and the right build should become the default. That should
make it easier for future

The packages are the same.

well, i guess they are, this morning the duplicate emails thing started
again, with an added twist:
a bunch of emails get their headers mixed up, the "from" column saiz "from
back to square 1.

well, i copied all data and config files associated with kmail from the
desktop to the laptop. the build # of kdepim3 on the laptop was 150 and it
took all the data and has been stable for more than 24 hours, with update
checks speeded up to one every minute. sooo, both the kmail data and config
seems fine, yet the same files kept creating duplicate files on the
desktop!!!! BUT, after i added kdepim3debug to the desktop (build # 154 of
both kdepim3 and kdepim3debug), in hopes of getting some info about what was
happening, all of a sudden the duplicate copies stopped showing up!!!! i
speeded up the update interval to 1 minute on the desktop, so far things seem
fine after about 4 hours!
now, i just udated the kdepim3 build to the state of the art build 154 on the
laptop, it too seems to be rock steady after an hour or so, but, the laptop
does not have kdepim3debug installed, so it seems that the desktop basically
fixed itself in some very mysterious manner!!!
would anybody care to hazard a guess as to what is happening here?
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