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[opensuse-kde3] kmail probs in 12.1
did a fresh install of 12.1. started with kde4, added the kde3 repo, clicked
in the kde3 pattern, added a few more files, things seem just fine.ok,
browsing is fine, multimedia is fine, system seems very crispy, adding 32bit
hal did the trick for a few things, still can not get to pring to mu usb
printer thru the host in virtualbox but can if i allow direct access to it
from a vm, libreoffice comes up and seems to work fine, lifer seems fine!
time to move kmail.
copied the Mail folder from the old home directory, used conqueror as a super
user, then changed all the permissions to the correct user. Copied the
kmailrc file to the right spot, also the kmail folder from the
old .~kde/share/apps location.
Things seem to workat first. even the addressbook seems fine; alas, they work
too good. The longer kmail stays open, the more duplicate emails i get! some
i get more often than others! At this stage i am very reluctant to set the
flag to "remove the messages from the server", first need to find out what
part of kmail i broke.
the setup is reasonably simple. The isp is roadrunner, they run windoze pop
servers. my account has a total of 5 sub accounts. i have no local servers
installed, just the default setup. the emails are saved in maildir format.
The steps described above have worked for many many transitions in the past.

any suggestions where to look ? I would hate to go to kmail for kde4 or switch
to anything else, it would be too traumatic for my honi.
soo, any help would be appreciated.
thanks in advance,,
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