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[opensuse-kde3] 11.4 - still have "sftp encountered error" when trying to access ssh on high port
Ilya, All,

I thought we had solved this in 11.3, but it appears to be back in 11.4.

konqueror cannot access sftp location with ssh on a non-standard port using:


fish to the same location works fine. This first appeared about a year ago and I have posted it earlier under the subject:

"[opensuse-kde3] sftp url parsing (with included port) broken in 11.3 kde3 - fish OK - howto work around?"

and on the trinity list:

"[trinity-devel] konqueror sftp:// URL handling broken with openssh >= 5.6 (open a bug?)"

After the trinity post, I tried again on 11.3 and it seemed to work, but now in 11.4 it is broken again. Regression?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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