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Re: openSUSE KDE team (was Re: [opensuse-kde] Missing package/update in KDF)
Tirsdag den 18. september 2012 15:12:18 skrev Raymond Wooninck:
As Sven indicated I also have my doubts if KDE:Distro:Stable is really being
used by anybody. It just contains the KDE version that was shipped with the
latest openSUSE version and then compiled for all the supported openSUSE
version. I doubt that this is really a maintained repo and I would rather
see that this repo is replaced with one of the KR:xy repo.

Does that imply you also want to ship KRxx as official updates to the

Meaning that every casual non-KDE fanboy user - including my mother - would be
burdened with 500 megs of updates every 2-4 weeks with regressions and changed
behaviour - unless of course the user stops using openSUSE and/or KDE.

Or does it mean you don't want to have a place to test official KDE patches at

The usage of KDF is out of the question for me. This IS and WILL ALWAYS be
the development repo to support the KDE version in the next openSUSE
release. However if we start utilizing the KR:xy repo's correctly and keep
them up-to- date with the monthly minor releases, then KDF doesn't require
to be build against the 11.4, 12.1, 12.2 repo's. KDF could just be build
against Factory as that this is the one that matters.

I think it's very valuable that people can test KDF on (some) older distros.
Maybe with the staging stuff o:F will become less painful - but currently you
need to be a real masochist to use o:F for 5-6 months of the 8 month release

Sven is right that people will always tend to spend their time on the
area/repo that they are using as that changes there directly affects them.
So we should utilize this and make it work for us, instead of seeing it as
a bad thing.

I think Will's proposal (always summer in KDF, branch to KDS when o:F freezes)
did that very well.

At least we should keep infrastructure in place so that _if_ one day someone
comes along, with good packaging skills and who also cares about creating
stable, polished, productive openSUSE releases with KDE, he can.
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