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Re: openSUSE KDE team (was Re: [opensuse-kde] Missing package/update in KDF)
On Tuesday 18 Sep 2012 12:20:01 Markus wrote:
Am Montag, 17. September 2012, 18:15:49 schrieb Will Stephenson:
There hasn't been an 'employed "KDE team"' since all the desktop teams
rolled up into the Boosters team. We were all doing KDE (or GNOME for
matter) stuff, more or less successfully, on the side of our Boosters
projects. After 2 years, nobody thought the team as a whole was working
it's now been made clear by management that with the exception of
'release engineering' the team will work together on making openSUSE cool,
whether it's release PR, events, or big picture engineering, and stuff
packaging desktops is a job for the community.

So, this means that Kubuntu and ROSA Linux are the last two distributions
with paid KDE personnel?

Define 'paid KDE personnel'. A full time KDE engineering team? Employees

Redhat have Lukas Tinkl, Jaroslaw Reznik, Than Ngo. I'm not sure whether they
all work 100% on KDE. Blue Systems (Bitrunner, based on Kubuntu ) have Alex
Fiestas, Jonathan Riddell, Aurelien Gateau, Vishesh Handa, Aleix Pol, Harald
Sitter, Rohan Garg, Jonathan Thomas at least. They seem to be aiming to do a
benevolent desktop polish play based on 'doing Kubuntu right'. Dunno anything
about ROSA.

And 'big picture engineering' in my list will include some KDE projects, and
that will include the openSUSE team, not just me.


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