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Re: [opensuse-kde] our goals for 12.3
Torsdag den 13. september 2012 20:56:02 skrev Cristian Morales Vega:
On 13 September 2012 20:13, Martin Schlander
<martin.schlander@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Torsdag den 13. september 2012 20:19:17 skrev Peter:
* I second the need for video thumbnails. It's working for me in 4.8.5
but perhaps only because I'm clinging on to an old
dependency that I guarded with my life during the upgrade from

Hmm, yesterday I and another guy on IRC for the life of us couldn't get
thumbnails to work after updating to 4.8.5 - even after a full reboot.
today it's working again somehow - with mplayerthumbs (using
backend, not default phonon).

I just tried it and had no problem at all.
But to make this clear, kdemultimedia4 comes with two video
thumbnailers: ffmpegthumbs and mplayerthumbs. The first needs of the
ffmpeg/libav library, so can't be provided in openSUSE. The second
requires the MPlayer binary, that can't be provided in openSUSE.

What other video thumbnailers are there and why are not part of
kdemultimedia4? I don't know of any Phonon based one.

MPlayerthumbs (despite the "confusing" name) supports phonon _and_
mplayer as backends, with phonon being default (openSUSE tweak?) - run
'mplayerthumbsconfig' and see for yourself.
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