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Re: [opensuse-kde] How long is a piece of string?.........
On 03/09/12 22:07, Nico Kruber wrote:
there you go... all published now :)


On Monday 03 Sep 2012 11:22:07 you wrote:
On Monday 03 Sep 2012 18:50:27 Basil Chupin wrote:
On 03/09/12 18:10, Nico Kruber wrote:
On Monday 03 Sep 2012 16:45:09 Basil Chupin wrote: is as long as the time it is taking to get KDE 4.9 for
openSUSE out the door :-( .

How much longer before KDE 4.9 becomes available, can anyone provide an
answer, please?
-25days or so :P

please check out KDE:Release:49 which has been building KDE 4.9.0 for
some time now
Oh I know that it is been building for a while :-) - I've been looking at

for days and days and the results there are up and down like a yo-yo on
steroids! :-)
feel free to submit fixes to improve the packages...

Doing a 'zypper dup --from xxxxx' doesn't give me a picture with which I
would like to travel which is why I haven't gone with what *is* there
I updated my 12.2 to KR49 yesterday but had to start with the upstream
branding until I added the appropriate packages yesterday (no showstopper

(especially since kdegames4 are still not there even though they have
been built successfully).
yes, I fixed that yesterday, too, unfortunately, publishing has been
disabled (probably to start on 4.9.1)
todd, how do you feel about re-enabling publishing until everything has been
published before starting with 4.9.1? Everything is built now and it would
be nice to have a stable snapshot before.


Nico, forgive me for asking but what does "published" mean? it's a term I am not familiar with in this context of building packages.


Using openSUSE 12.2 x86_64 KDE 4.8.4 & kernel 3.5.3-1 on a system with-
AMD FX 8-core 3.6/4.2GHz processor
16GB PC14900/1866MHz Quad Channel Corsair "Vengeance" RAM
Gigabyte AMD3+ m/board; Gigabyte nVidia GTX550Ti 1GB DDR5 GPU

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