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Re: [opensuse-kde] 12.2 planning
On Wednesday 11 Jan 2012 13:52:00 todd rme wrote:
I agree with everything you said. A few related things:

1. A bunch of Qt mobility-related packages are scattered around random
repositories (like Applications:Geo). If we want to have plasma
active integrated, it would probably be good to move all of these
packages into KDE:Qt.

I'm not aware of these, what are they?

Probably unrelated but I would like to get KFitness stabilised for my own
usage (currently in KUP).

2. Also related to Plasma Active, trying to work with the PA team to
use patches against upstream KDE in their .spec files rather than git
pulls would make it easier to integrate.

Perhaps this is possible now that most PA changes have been merged, the delta
to our packages should be smaller.

3. Figure out if telepathy is ready to be installed by default. This
probably would depend on 4:

+1, good point!

4. Integrating ksecretservice. Is there any way to patch the cmake
files to build this as part of kdelibs so we don't have the cyclic
build dependency problem? Maybe ask upstream about this.


5. For activities, there was talk about using a variant of the Plasma
Active activity manager, tuned slightly for desktop use. I forget who
was planning on working on this, it might be worth contacting the
plasma active team to see if they want help with this. Tuning PA
widgets and containments for desktop use might be generally useful,
but probably not essential (and may be too much work).

I was thinking of something along these lines, so that it is obvious which
activity is becoming active.

6. QMLified plasmoids. There are a bunch of these that are available,
but will not be integrated until KDE SC 4.9. These should be
essentially done by openSUSE 12.2. It might be worth seeing if we can
ship these as an additional package, like plasmoids-extra-qml or
something. There may need to be some patches to avoid plasmoid name


7. Menu-in-titlebar. I don't know the state of this. There are
supposed to be patches for both Qt and Gnome to support this, but I
don't know if they have been officially accepted upstream. If not we
should make sure they are included, and offer the corresponding KDE
window decoration as a package (although not the default IMHO).

The Qt stuff was merged to Qt 4.8 upstream.

8. There is some talk that lightDM might actually go somewhere. We
should probably keep an eye on it and see whether it is worth
packaging closer to the 12.2 release.

Yes, we should check with Alex Fiestas who is driving this at Kubuntu.


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