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Re: [opensuse-kde] KDE 4.8 and KDE:Distro:Factory
Am Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012, 22:17:54 schrieb Will Stephenson:
I'd get on with a) asap. Although it wastes a lot of post-12.1 release fix
backporting work that I did. Perhaps we should consider shipping all .z
releases as version bumps, delayed a couple of weeks after release so KR4*
testing will show regressions. Yes, this sucks for those on low bandwidth
but generally the regression-to-fix ratio is low.

I would say it depends on the packaging/backporting resources available.

Shipping a .z release as update saves a lot of backporting and extra-packaging
effort. Shipping the update as optional leaves it up to the user whether to
use it or not and enables him to revert. Hence potential regressions are not
forced on anyone.

The question though is, how does this affect the update policy for the .z
release shipped with openSUSE?

Currently people get official updates for major/security bugs without the need
to update to a new .z. So let's assume the new policy would have been in place
for 12.1 already, how would that work?

a) no/less updates for 4.7.2 but just 4.7.3/4 as optional update

b) almost the same amount of fixes for 4.7.2 and additionally 4.7.4 as
optional update

Given the freeze period for a new openSUSE release, on release day there would
already be a new .z release that was tested for a few weeks.

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