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Re: [opensuse-kde] KDE 4.8 and KDE:Distro:Factory
Am Samstag, 7. Januar 2012, 22:25:17 schrieb Kim Leyendecker:
On 07.01.2012 21:48, Christian Trippe wrote:
The rule here is already there, see and especially But there are a few reasons why it does not
always work

* Lack of manpower

* Sometimes, at least for me, it is not always clear, if a bug is caused
by KDE or lower in the stack. So if you have no time to do some tests
such a bug easily remains unanswered.

But many bugs are closed as upstream and people are told to report bugs
first upstream and to reopen if a fix is available there.

It can also happen that one leaves some clearly upstream reports open,
after they have been reported there, so that they are more easily found
and avoiding duplicated reports on bnc by this.

And IMHO the number of useful reports, this means with a link to a fixed
upstream report and the commit has increased with 12.1. So this works to
some extend already today.

Of course it would really help if there were a few people more doing bug

If someone wants to helps, here is the howto for KDE on openSUSE:

It is a bit out of date in some of the details, but one should get the


So either people post problems on that list to discuss if it's upstream
or not, or we find something that real solves the problem.

I'm really not that good in writing a bugreport and haven't done it that
often in my live, so I probably miss the point completely, anyway, we
might should work together with the upstream developers more often then
we do now.

How? Well, I know many KDE guys are using openSUSE due to a) SUSE is
traditionally one of the biggest KDE supporters b) Both KDE and openSUSE
are Europe-founded projects.

I'd rather suggest to ask KDE people to join our list, and work as
"upstream experts". The KDE guys know their own code best, so they can
decide best if it's upstream or openSUSE-related.

No the problem is not so much if something is upstream or not, but more where
is the correct upstream. Sure a crash in plasma is easy, but what with a bug
in apper?

Is it a bug in apper, in the packagekit-zypp backend or in packagekit itself.
This can at least to some degree be checked when testing with the GNOME
equivalent. This needs to be done by us and not (KDE)-Upstream.

So this is not so much about fixing a bug, but help in triaging which
everybody can do. Sure upstream knowledge is sometimes useful, but often it is
not needed, because you simply need time

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