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Re: [opensuse-kde] KDE 4.8 and KDE:Distro:Factory
On 01/06/2012 11:54 AM, Martin Schlander wrote:
Fredag den 6. januar 2012 14:38:53 skrev Dirk Müller:
Currently we have 4.7.4 in KDE:Distro:Factory and in KDE:Release:47. I
would like to have your opinion on how to move forward:

a) I copy KDE 4.7.4 from KDE:Distro:Factory to KDE:Distro:Stable, and
delink KDE:Release:47 from KDE:Distro:Factory. Then I Import KDE 4.8 into
KDE:Distro:Factory and copy whatever is needed from Unstable:SC to make it
build and work.

This would mean that future maintenannce updates for 12.1 are based on
4.7.4. I think that is okay, there have even be requests to release 4.7.4
as a maintenance update (in general we're pro this change).

b) I delink KDE:Release:47 from KDE:Distro:Factory and leave it at 4.7.4,
and then import KDE 4.8 into KDE:Distro:Factory (and copy whatever is
needed from Unstable:SC to make it build and work).

in this case 12.1 updates would stay on 4.7.2, users who want the later
fixes would need to switch to KDE:Release:47

I prefer a). any comments?

I prefer b)

* Pushing 4.7.4 as an official update is a huge update/download likely to
bring several regressions
* PackageKit will probably explode like it did the last time we did a full KDE
update (4.3.1->4.3.5) leading to failed updates
* If you make an exception and upgrade KDE you open up the pandora's box of
version whores who'll flood this list and irc and forums with requests for
official upgrades whenever there's an upstream release forever and ever.

Normally, I'd be inclined to agree with Martin about a version bump. However, I too find 4.7.4 very stable and usable on 11.4 and 12.1.

I've got the latest 4.8.rc on my netbook and it also seems to work very well already.

I am well aware of versionitis, but it seems this upgrade will bring a better experience for many users.


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