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Re: [opensuse-kde] Bug strategy

Am Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011, 21:12:25 schrieb Karsten König:

Bille had the idea of dedicated bug search querries and people who will
cover them to increase the chance to gain knowledge in this area, the best
example might be kdepim, validating a range of kmail bugs to upstream
reports will be faster then switching from an okular crash to a plasma
graphical glitch to a power munching kded process.
This would include a general splitting up into groups:
pim, workspace, defaults, random-apps

I think this is a very good idea!

Most important is finding out about upstream reports and possible patches,
these save a ton of time and can be applied quickly, spotting regular
reporters and inviting them into #opensuse-kde might be a good idea as well
to get them about the team.


On the other hand timely handling incoming bugs helps keeping the
bugreporters reporting bugs and getting required information that's often
forgotten (the usual log files for example)
bugzilla explains a good way to screen the incoming stuff.

+1 here also. I think this is also quite important, because at the moment we
managed quite well to decrease the bug numbers with bug triage days. But we do
not really take enough care about the bug database between such triage events
(except maybe before a release).

Any comments on the issue? Other ideas? Am I making a fuzz about a non-

I think your ideas are very good. And yes there is an issue IMHO.

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