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[opensuse-kde] AI: KPK systray icon
As everyone probably knows, KPackageKit is the default updater on 11.4 KDE
systems. At the last KDE IRC meeting I got the action item to check if
KPackageKit systray icons are "good enough"(tm). My findings are these:

KPK will show the same systray icon to notify about all types of
patches/updates (security, recommended, optional), and this icon seems to be
the 'system-software-update' from Oxygen icons - so not included in KPK
itself. Note: You can easily distinguish between patch types in the KPK UI -
this is only about the systray icon.

It'll look like this:

Personally I can easily accept only one icon for all types of patches - but I
do think the icon should be a highly visible one that isn't easily overlooked.
So what can we do?

Option 1:
Do nothing. Accept status quo from upstream. Possibly talk to pinheiro and/or
dantti about making the icon more "visible" for future releases.

Advantages: No extra work, consistency with other (KPK using) distros like
Fedora and Kubuntu (I think, haven't tried).
Disadvantage: "Updates available" icon remains easily overlooked.

Option 2:
We could use an icon from kupdateapplet instead:

Advantage: Highly "visible" icon, consistent with older openSUSE versions.
Disadvantage: Extra work, not consistent with KDE looks and other distros.

Option 3:
We could use a different Oxygen icon - which is more craving of attention.

Advantages: Icon is not overlooked, integrates in the look of KDE
Disadvantages: Extra work, inconsistent with other distros.
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