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Re: KMyMoney4 package - was: Re: [opensuse-kde] KDE SC 4.5.0 released, upgrade instructions
  • From: Stephan Kleine <bitdealer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 23:43:43 +0200
  • Message-id: <201008192343.44195.bitdealer@xxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday August 19 2010 23:17:24 Nico Kruber wrote:
On Wednesday 18 August 2010 08:49:49 Nico Kruber wrote:
On Wednesday 18 August 2010 01:34:09 Stephan Kleine wrote:
On Wednesday August 18 2010 00:24:12 Nico Kruber wrote:
On Tuesday 17 August 2010 23:19:02 Will Stephenson wrote:
Hi Nico

Stephan Kleine (bitshuffler) has also made a KMyMoney4 package
today - I guess he didn't read this thread. Can you have a look
at SR 45731 (osc show -d 45731) since you are experienced in
building KMyMoney4 and see if there are any improvements which
your package and Stephan's can share when it is submitted to
KDE:Distro:Factory? He is using the aqbanking and gwenhywar
packages from Gnome:Apps IIUC.

that message came just about 2 hours too late as I was re-organising
my projects in order to integrate kmymoney4 with the latest stable
aqbanking and gwenhywfar libraries and just finished.

btw: seems I was wrong when I said that the new kmymoney didn't work
with the old aqbanking and gwenhywfar packages... haven't done
functional tests yet though

the osc command you gave me didn't work though (osc 0.128: unknown
command: 'show') but I had a look into his
home:bitshuffler:branches:KDE:Distro:Factory repository
- as far as I can see, he based his package on the old kmymoney
package -

I added the old .changes file, the spec was written from scratch since
it made more sense IMHO.

btw: you should probably add some more info about the new version, e.g. I

extracted the following from the release notes:
+ first stable release for KDE platform 4
+ better documentation
+ improved usability of the online banking features
+ uses KWallet to store online banking passwords
+ the consistency check runs automatically before saving your data,

it now checks for a wider range of problems, and it automatically
corrects many of them.

at least the more important parts should be noted (better documentation
for example is probably not important to the user - depends on which
documentation they were referring to...)

FWIW, the command is "osc rq show 45731"

the kmymoney4 package that was in KDE:Community however splits off
some of its libraries (don't know the preferred method here)

IMHO splitting out those libs makes no sense since they aren't "public"
as in don't get used by other stuff.

makes sense...

- his packaging style is however "cleaner" although some of the
BuildRequires could receive version information

Thanks. I avoided hard coding any version information since it creates
less work on the long run. Feel free to suggest what you don't like.

Those are the versions I identified so far:
BuildRequires: cmake >= 2.6.4
BuildRequires: aqbanking-devel >= 4.2.4 aqbanking-qt4 >= 4.2.4
(also this must be <= 4.99.8)
BuildRequires: libical-devel >= 0.33
BuildRequires: gwenhywfar-devel >= 3.10.1

- we should also decide on the package's name - kmymoney4 or kmymoney
(the old kmymoney in KDE:KDE3 needs to be renamed to kde3-kmymoney

IMHO the name should be plain kmymoney since that is the name of the
project and I doubt anyone would install the KDE 3 & 4 one in parallel
and KDE 3 is legacy. Also I just had it with those version perfixes. If
you think the name should be different then the KDE 3 version should be
renamed to kmymoney3.

as everything kde3 was renamed to kde3-***, I'd just do that here, too
-> maybe someone using kde4 still wants to rely on the old kmymoney
without having to check everytime he's making an update of all his
(other) packages... -> I'll rename it in my branch within the next few
days and commit a sr

I'd suggest to mix both packages but functionally both build the
kbanking plugin for online banking (as said above though, I haven't
tested either yet)

I didn't test online banking either but according to the log it builds
just fine and uses the stuff so it _should_ work.

that's what I though/expected, too :P
(will test within the next few days though)

I just did a quick test with my package that was build with kbanking plugin
but I cannot update my online banking accounts (from a converted kmymoney3
file) - the menu item is deactivated - I can only remove an account mapping
but can not create new ones. Also in the settings I do not see any plugins
listed under "plugins" - can you tell me whether this is also the case with
your package? (can't test more right now)

Sorry, I don't do online banking, I just build it cause I noticed there is a
new release which isn't updated yet.

Personally I think my build is "superior" (note the "") since it doesn't split
out any never used libs but besides that it should be the same. So I would
suggest to move that into K:D:F and then start fixing the stuff which prolly
should be mostly upstream issues.

If you agree talk Will into accepting my SR and then branch and fix any

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