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Re: [opensuse-kde] KDE SC 4.5.0 released, upgrade instructions
  • From: Will Stephenson <wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 16:14:03 +0200
  • Message-id: <201008111614.03823.wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 11 August 2010 03:26:17 Jon Nelson wrote:
So far, except for it losing a bunch of my shortcuts (konsole
shortcuts, at least)

Someone in the konsole team decided to standardise the shortcuts around
browser shortcut conventions, apparently. A warning and an option to keep
the old scheme would be ahve been nice, but you can always change ctrl-shift-n
back to 'open new tab'.

, the only really annoying issue I've found with
4.5.0 is that I can't save python files without an error message
popping up:

The filter/check plugin 'python-encoding' could not be found, still
continue saving of <pathname elided>

With a "Save Nevertheless" and "Cancel" set of buttons.

Upstream kate let this bug slip through into 4.5.0 and just fixed it. The
interesting question is, can the "presave-postdialog python-encoding" bit be
present in ~/.kde4/share/config/katemoderc, which requires a kconf_update
script to go in and remove it for each user, or is it only in
/usr/share/kde4/config/katemoderc installed by kdelibs4? See below. You can
fix it temporarily by making the change in the diff to local and system
katemoderc files.

# svn log -v -r1160713 svn://
r1160713 | mwolff | 2010-08-08 23:15:26 +0200 (Sun, 08 Aug 2010) | 10 lines
Changed paths:
M /branches/KDE/4.5/kdelibs/kate/data/katemoderc

The python-encoding kate plugin isn't built anymore in 4.5 but it's still in
the default config.
This causes kate to display an error message whenever saving a python file
because it can't find the plugin.

So python-encoding should removed from katemoderc in 4.5.
In trunk it's enabled again (but disabled by default):

Review Request:

Thanks to Felix Geyer for the patch.
# svn di -c1160713 svn://
Index: kdelibs/kate/data/katemoderc
--- kdelibs/kate/data/katemoderc (revision 1160712)
+++ kdelibs/kate/data/katemoderc (revision 1160713)
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-Variables=kate: presave-postdialog python-encoding; indent-mode python;
+Variables=kate: indent-mode python;

Variables=kate: tab-width 8; indent-width 8; replace-tabs off; replace-tabs-
save off;

(and the black and white icons are suboptimal, IMO).

Just not your taste, or do you see it as a general problem? If the former,
the tray icon theming is now part of the Plasma theme so they can be replaced
without replacing the whole icon theme.


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