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kybd input suddenly not working after login; OK if 'startx' from console
  • From: OpenMacNews <OpenMacNews@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 20:11:17 -0800
  • Message-id: <CC774BC686F4EA1DDDB3CBE9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
hi all,

i've been running SuSE 9.2Pro + KDE-unstable without any issue. very cool.

after a recent update to latest KDE beta (from component: kde-unstable) i've lost the ability to type any keystrokes when auto-logged-in.

specifically, if i start in failsafe mode, i can type at the console. if from the console i 'startx' as either ROOT or MYUSER, up comes my usual desktop and everything works great. i can open any application and type ...

however, if i use my standard auto-login set up to boot into user MYUSER, the desktop comes up as i'd expect.

i can mouse around, point-n-click & launch apps, but keyboard input is DOA -- nothing.

not in konsole, browser, etc. -- just nothing.

to troubleshoot, i've gone the usual route of moving my /home/MYUSER/.kde out of the way, and deleting all .x*, .X* and .ICE* files ...

after reboot, absolutely the same behavior as above. autologin into ROOT has the same issue.

any wisdom/suggestions as to where to look/what to do here? this is driving me nuts :-S



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