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Re: [suse-kde] Video editor for kde.
  • From: Volker Kuhlmann <hidden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 11:16:52 +1200
  • Message-id: <20040911231652.GA8287@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Without a doubt, Linux is better as we all know and the choices and
> selections it gives us is enormous compared to any other OS out there.

True, but the number of choices is irrelevant when you can only choose
between bad and mediocre. There isn't an audio editor on par with
cooledit for example - I'm talking about more professional requirements
here. Ok the Linux programs are cheaper - irrelevant if they don't get
the job done in the first place. People always ignore that point. All
comments I've collected so far indicate that the same holds for video
editing + mastering. k3b is pretty good for CD mastering. What's the
equivalent for DVD editing/mastering[1] - including menu generation,
format conversion, noise reduction, contrast/brightness adjustments if
necessary, compression optimisation ("I want to compress just as much
to make this fit a DVD"? No hobby-level results please. Especially the
noise reduction is difficult - just taking a basic algorithm out of a
text book and calling it "noise reduction" in the program-menu is
unlikely to cut it for practical use.

Get off your wishful thinking guys and look at the performance of the
apps you get. Then imagine to be someone who needs to master their
wedding video as well as possible and who does NOT care about the OS to
use. Linux is not going to come out in front of Redmond here, possibly
not even in front of mac-osx, in both features and user-friendlyness.

Then you still need to install it ;)


[1] Not talking burning here, but creating the files necessary for a
video-DVD playable in commercial players.

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