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Re: [suse-kde] import pegasus addressbook?
Ben Rosenberg:

> KMail can not import Pegasus email's format because it's proprietary

Sorry, but I guess this is incorrect and that you missed the point:
- kmail _can_ import Pegasus email-folders (and up to now nobody has been
sued... :->), in adddition Pegasus offers Unix-mailbox-format as an alternative
to its proprietary format.
- the OP asked for an import-filter for address-books
- the inpolite way the OP is treating kmail refers to the usability of kmail. I
don't like the way of her critics but I understand the reason very well. For
someone who has worked with Pmail before kmail has got some
disadvantages and so it would be a move backwards at the moment.

> and if the format is reverse engineered in some cases the developer
> doing the reverse engineering can be jailed under the DMCA. The guy

AFAIK there is no DMCA in NZL. ;)

> who wrote/writes Pegasus is very closed when it comes to such things.
> He refuses to port Pegasus to Linux or to give any information. It's
> not Kmail that's's the guy who wrote Pegasus for not opening
> the format so a proper import filter can be written.

He has some doubts about quality of open source products that everyone
who like can read on and for this
reason the source won't be given to the public.
Unfortunately - because this means that PMail will get uninteresting due to
security reason.


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