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Re: [opensuse-gnome] What's the status of upgrading to GNOME-3.20?
Hi Roy,

Let me try to get some answers for you together... 

On Tue, 2016-03-01 at 19:08 +0800, Roy Mu wrote:
Hi folks!
I'm here to learn the status of the plan to upgrade GNOME.

You found one of the right spots! The other one is the irc channel
#opensuse-gnome on freenode.

Before that, I'd like to share my status and current work.

I'm trying to fix bnc#882801, and related patches associated with our
plan to upgrade NM, in case we did redundant work nonconforming with
upstream. So I have to learn the status of GNOME upgrading.

At present, what I concern is the upgrade of NetworkManager-1.0.10
is the officially recommended for product usage, obviously it
higher GNOME than our current 3.10. According to LFS(Linux From
Scratch), I think higher than GNOME-3.18 is enough.

openSUSE Tumbleweed already contains NetworkManager 1.0.10 - So this
upgrade should be able to make it into your code base as well..

I also already have a branch for NM 1.2 ready (currently 1.1.90), but
that is incomplete, mainly due to missing patch rebases. If anybody
wants to have a look at this, it's on OBS in home:dimstar:NM_1.2

Moreover, the fate#320455 requires a new feature "captive portal
handling" introduced since GNOME-3.14.

We walk in the same direction it seems:

for openSUSE, this is almost ready. For SLE, you might want to provide
a different server (or not).

And here're my questions:

1. What's the expected date to upgrade to GNOME-3.20?

At this very moment, GNOME 3.19.91 (aka GNOME 3.20 rc1) is being
released and updated in GNOME:Next and GNOME:Factory (GNOME:Next is
published for the crazy people, GNOME:Factory is publish disabled, as
we advertise it as 'usable', so we did not want to publish unstable
GNOME releases there). The release date of GNOME 3.20 by upstream is
set to be on March 23. We aim to have this very close to this date
ready as well.

During the next few days, we will submit GNOME 3.91.90/91 to
openSUSE:Factory so we can work on the Staging fallouts and nescessary
openQA adjustments, if any should be needed.

2. Do we confirm to take NM-1.0.10, or maybe higher, say, NM-1.2?
The later is unstable yet, but if our whole upgrade work lasts more
6 months, maybe NM-1.2 will be stable at that time. I'm not too eager
pursue the newest package, but it saves our work if I managed to
some patches to the upstream.

At this moment, NM will be at version 1.0.10 in openSUSE Tumbleweed,
but, as noted above, I already have an incomplete branch ready.

I would like to help if any related.

All help is welcome and appreciated! As you know the NM code base
pretty well, it might be great for you to:
a) ensure our NM 1.0.10 conforms to what you want (Leap shipped with
1.0.6). Basically, all patches should be fine.
b) Can have a look at the NM_1.2 branch and help verifying which
patches are still needed, rebase what is possible and possibly work
with upstream to get them merged.

Best regards,
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