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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Any interest in a green Adwaita theme?

Quoting Michael Catanzaro <mike.catanzaro@xxxxxxxxx>:

I spent an hour today playing around with changing the blue elements of
Adwaita to green. I've got zero themeing experience, I couldn't find
everything that needed changed, and I didn't spend any time when picking
my shades of green... so my work isn't very good, but it was dead simple
to do, and it doesn't look that bad.

Screenshots on FATE:

I've got two lines of questioning here:

1) Am I nuts for wanting this? Anyone else interested? Could something
similar happen for 12.3?

Not at all! Not to long ago, I was approached by Richard Brown for similar efforts. I'd recommend you to get in touch with the Art-Work team to bundle your efforts.

One important thing to be aware of when customizing themes and consider them being added to the distribution:
GTK and gnome-shell are fast moving targets and the theme capabilities are under constant flux / being extended.

Creating a modified theme and proposing this for inclusion as the standard must not be considered a one-shot action, but rather a long term commitment to maintaining it. Changing for one release to some 'green' just to switch back the release after to blue, due to 'no maintenance resources' is a clear no-go for me and I'm sure we all agree: this would harm the polish of our implementation much more than staying with the upstream blue (granted, though, giving up on 'identity' in this case...)

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