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Re: [opensuse-gnome] 12.1 is done, what's next? :-)
Il 17/11/2011 11:15, Vincent Untz ha scritto:
Hi all,

Unless you're living in some alternative reality, you've seen that 12.1
went out yesterday. We're getting some positive feedbacks (and also new

I want to thank everyone who helped integrate GNOME for this release: I
feel that it's the release where we got the most people helping out, and
that's amazing! Let's keep that spirit! Btw, "helping out" is not just
packaging / bug fixing, but it's really everything that contributes to
making the GNOME team a well alive group of people.

And now, what's next? 12.2 is going to be out around next July, and that
will include GNOME 3.4.x. But that's all we know for sure.

I'd love to hear what all of you would like us to achieve in the next 8
months. Of course we won't achieve everything, but setting a direction
can't hurt :-)

So, do you see this "reply" button in your mail client? Yes? Ok, click
on it and go wild!



Hi Vincent, List-mates,

Are following my very personal impressions about Gnome 3 as it is integrated inside openSUSE (11.4 and 12.1).

Are following a list of "missing features" I would like to see added in future releases.

1) "Greeter" is not permitting Language nor Keyboard selection at User Login

2) The Alt+Tab style or even the equivalent Gnome-Shell plug-in for pulling from a App.Window to the other is not so good IMO, we should have also the running App. being available into the lower side of the Window (Tray) permitting a faster switching among the Windows

3) The old and useful "Look and Feel" is missing so the customization of Themes, Background, Characters Set and so on is missing or better partially spread into other Tools as "System Settings" and Gnome Tweak Tool" this is a bit frustrating, especially for new Users

3) Default Gtk Theme collection is a bit poor and not so impressive as the one available in other Distro (I've installed "Ubuntu New Wave Lucid" here which apart the Orange, is quite nice) also should be nice to have a easier installation of new Themes directly from the Web

4) Gnome-Shell's Theming is a bit poor as well and as I told in other email, the default "Adwaita" is a bit ugly and badly dimensioned as it is out of the pack without hacking, for this reason I switched to Atolm as default Theme

5) "System Sound" IMO should be improved and at least basic sounds should be enabled as default (Login, Logout, Alerts, etc)

The above are the most important things IMO should have to be reviewed in future releases.

In any case, as a simple openSUSE user, I would like to thanks all the people contributing to the Project.


Marco Calistri (amdturion)
opensuse 11.4 Celadon - Linux x86_64
AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile Technology MK-36 - GeForce Go 6150
Gnome 3.0.2

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