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[opensuse-gnome] Re: [opensuse-artwork] Sonor
Hi Again Marcus,

Probably best you discuss this on opensuse-gnome (cc'd)

There was discussion at the GNOME 3 session at oSC which decided that it was
highly likely we will be using the default theme in 12.1, but perhaps with
Sonar-GTK3 packaged as an option

Since then, half-left, the person behind the Sonar-GTK3 port has got involved
and is actively working to get Sonar working satisfactorily on GNOME 3.2.
At this stage, my opinion would be that it is possible, though unlikely, that
Sonar-GTK3 will be ready enough to be considered to be the default for 12.1.
My creation of 'sonar-friendly' versions of my wallpapers was just my small
effort to help half-left along.

AFAIK no "official" decision has been made.

I don't think the themes available or chosen by default by a DE should be a
decision exclusively made by the -artwork team..

Rich / Ilmehtar

Marcus Moeller 09/23/11 8:11 PM >>>
Hi all.

As we seem to tend to use a blue wallpaper this time, I would like to
propose NOT to use Sonar anymore.

Imho, Sonar was never really beautiful, It's way to dark and has some
strange colors.

I would rather like to stick with the GNOME 3 default theme which is
Adwaita. This one is compatible with nearly every design.


PS: I know Vincent likes Sonar a lot, but I think he could also live
with Adwaita (listening to his GNOME heart :))

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