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Re: [opensuse-gnome] ATI fglrx and GNOME3 soon...
On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 4:32 PM, Michael Hill <mdhillca@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've been running the fglrx driver on my ThinkPad (HD 6310) for nearly
four months.  GNOME Shell works as expected, but the Top Bar and its
icons fail to display properly.  The Top Bar ranges from white stripes
to transparency, and the icons often display as a square of snow or
white noise (static).  In an earlier version the icons could be fixed
by the activation of their pull-down menus (or simply mousing over
them); that hasn't been the case with the last couple of versions.

Specifically (looking at it now), the top bar is striped, purple, pale
blue and yellow (white-ish overall rather than black). 'Activities'
and the notification icons are pale grey until I mouse over them, when
they highlight properly. The app menu (Epiphany at the moment) appears
as it should. The notification icons display correctly if I switch to
and from High Contrast in the accessibility menu. This is with:


My new issue has been my rtl9192ce wireless which requires the
compat-wireless drivers; a kernel update from v0.5 to v0.7 three weeks
ago did *not* have a corresponding compat-wireless upgrade.  I got
hands-on support from Frederic and Bruno at Desktop Summit to install
two versions of the kernel, one with which I have a working wireless
connection but fallback video mode, and the other (latest) to work
with my installed fglrx driver with fully-functioning GNOME Shell.

Problem solved: today the compat-wireless package caught up to my
kernel, so I'm able to use GNOME Shell and access the Internet at the
same time using the default kernel.

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