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[opensuse-gnome] notify-sharp with dbus-sharp/glib
Hi all,

In case anyone maintains applications that use notify-sharp, would it
be possible to test them with a modified version of notify-sharp that
uses dbus-sharp and dbus-sharp-glib instead of NDesk.DBus ? I have
such a test package on Banshee:Unstable/notify-sharp.

As far as I could understand NDesk.DBus is becoming deprecated in
favor of dbus-sharp and Banshee already made the transition. Though I
haven't found issues with dbus-sharp vs ndesk-dbus, the same doesn't
happen with ndesk-dbus-glib vs dbus-sharp-glib which have some
conflicts. Please report in if the application you maintain works with
dbus-sharp so maybe we can ditch the deprecated NDesk.DBus.

It's important because I would like to submit the patch upstream being
sure that it doesn't break anything and then submit it to Mono and
slingshot it to Factory so we can have Banshee 2.1.0 (or superior in
the future) on Factory.


Nelson Marques

  nmo.marques@xxxxxxxxx */
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