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[opensuse-gnome] Is Gnome 3 for real?
I know that gnome 3 is yet to be available on an official repository for openSUSE but I had at least considered that the URL provided by Andi Sugandi, in his post a couple of days ago, contained the working version of Gnome 3 for openSUSE.

I now just hope that I had jumped-in prematurely and that what will become available thru the official site, suggested to be GNOME:STABLE:3.0 , will be what Gnome 3 should be, at least initially, on openSUSE.

The way it is now (as installed from the above site given in the crozat blog) requires TWO (2x) mouse clicks to do anything![**] - RIGHT click on the Header 'menu' to get a drop down menu and then LEFT click to CLOSE an application!

There are no 'minimize, maximize, close' buttons andywhere so that If I am reading a message in Thunderbird, instead of simply left clicking on the 'close' buttton I have to right-click on the header menu (I don't know what the official name is!) and then left click to close the message so as to get back to the list of messages to read!

There are no separate workspaces/desktops: everything is always on the one workspace - even though I am allowed to create my (usual 6 individual workspaces).

(OK, there is this "bug" in compiz I learnt about in another thread - but the bug is supposed to be for gnome 2.3x....but I don't know.)

Wot a lot of stupidity! :-(

*Please* don't tell me that this is what users of Windows 7 and the MAC operating systems have to do all the time when using their systems!

[**] Not quite correct: a single click on (?)most items in the COMPUTER box (bottom, left - equivalent to Windows START) will at least open the selection to allow for something to be done.

Surely this is NOT what normal users want done to their operating systems? :-(



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