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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Request for information
  • From: Nelson Marques <nmo.marques@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 15:49:32 +0000
  • Message-id: <AANLkTi=aKiA5VGGHOxH9uHUByZRkL=bNg_1JoKk-1Jah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

It should be living somewhere under GNOME. That makes the most sense.

I'm kind of mixed about rebuilding other packages for this, though: if
this means we need to patch them, then it will be a maintenance
nightmare as we'll have to update the packages in two different places.


I thought on GNOME:Apps as well, which does fit for most software, but
there is a battalion of support libraries around.

So far this are the packages:

* eggdbus (not required for indicators, but required for libzeigeist);
* libindicate (needs to be build with parallel builds disable, else it
will shatter randomly during build)
* libindicator
* dbusmenu (splits into dbusmenu-gtk, dbusmenu-glib and dbusmenu-jsonloader)
* libgwibber
* IDO (libido)
* mtdev
* python-elementtree (this is already on python:devel, could be nice
to be pushed into the distro)
* utouch-geis
* utouch-grail
* vala (11.2 is required for one package, I've built all packages
using Dimstar's unsupported)

The indicators:
* indicator-network (builds but there is no reason for having it on
openSUSE since it depends on The Connection Manager (connman, either
way I've built also connman (though requires to contact SUSE Security
Team if we want to push to openSUSE, it also works pretty cool as a
NetworkManager client).
* indicator-me - This is Ubuntu's ME menu. Works pretty cool so far,
but since I've never actually used much ubuntu I don't know if all
functionality is present.
* indicator-evolution - This is a plugin for evolution that places an
indicator when we have new mail.
* indicator-application - This piece of software requires glib/gtk
patching (to be able to remove the menu from gtk apps and place it on
the panel, mac style. This builds, but I haven't tested it because I
didn't patched glib and GTK. It's irrelevant and as far as I can see
there's no need to having it since gnome-globalmenu does the same and
doesn't require so much patching (though for unity might be handy...
not sure).
* indicator-applet - builds and works.
* indicator-messages - this builds and works with evolution at least.
I think gwibber and empathy need to be patched for this, pidgin as
well... I don't which other suports this.... this is a very cool
indicator... one of the best in my opinion.
* indicator-session - very cheap on dependencies.... this would
actually be a nice adition to openSUSE GNOME as default.
* indicator-sound - I'm stuck with a strange error and haven't managed
to built it yet... maybe today :).

There are a couple more of indicators... like the time and date
modules and a few more. Looking into them soon.

This are all the packages... some we can drop because they are useless
and there' s no point in integrating them.

Once indicators are done, I'm moving to:

- synapse (
- nautilus-elementary (builds fine, dependens on libzeitgeist which
needs a closer look, so far I hammered through).

So yeah, indicators and apps make all sense to go to GNOME:Apps, but
what about the libs?

If it's just rebuilding with no change except with the libindicate
dependency, then maybe we can just do it directly in the current
packages (assuming it doesn't break anything if libindicate doesn't

Ok, as far as I could see... only indicator-application requires
changes on gtk2/glib. Most indicators don't require special
patching... though some apps do require some touch to expand
functionality... for example... if you want indicator-messages to
display empathy/pidgin messages, you need empathy/piding to be
patched. But that's a case to case issue.

I'm not planning to use indicator-application (take the GTK menu's and
display them on the panel mac style) which cuts a lot of heavy work in
the core.

For the indicators themselves, is there any reason they can't live in

Nope, makes all sense, and in fact I love that idea, since I have a
great opportunity to improve and learn some more :)

I'm clearing as much as can the packages now... and will require
review later on, but want to make them all first in batch...

I would also like to say that Ken Vandine was of great help with a
couple of guidance, and a huge breakthrough (indicate) was only
possible with his help by alerting me that it couldn't build in
paralel mode.

Additionaly on lizzards someone mentioned a patch to Metacity[1] to
support some fancy stuff from Canonical. It's a small patch and it
actually works. Anyway we could have that patch on metacity in the
future? This enable high featured themes from Canonical (ex: Ambiance
and Radiance). I've tested it ;)

[1] -



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nelson marques
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