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[opensuse-gnome] 11.3 GNOME First look
  • From: Sankar P <sankar.curiosity@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 01:01:57 +0530
  • Message-id: <AANLkTinG49_srjvAXMej4O76fbRTvwfUreppejASneoY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Though I have been running some factory packages for a while, I just
managed to do a full GNOME install of 11.3 on a bare metal and below
are some feedback.

- Login time is amazing. It seemed almost instantaneous since the
moment I clicked on Login in GDM and the panel appeared with
background loaded

- Logout OTOH seem to take a lot more time than what it took with 11.2
In fact everytime when I select logout from gnome-do's menu, it takes
atleast 10 seconds till I get my GDM screen (4G RAM machine)

- I tried installing "Google Chrome". I downloaded the rpm and clicked
on it to be installed by "Install/Remove software". There were some
missing dependencies (libjpeg, lsb) and "Install software" did not
complain about the missing packages. It just went on infinitely moving
the progress bar. So I had to cancel that and resume the installation
from terminal (which is how I came to know of the missing packages)

- Sonar icon theme is not installed by default (installed my system
from the live-cd) (Isnt sonar the default theme ?)

- There is a lot of screen flickering during booting. Atleast 3 times,
the screen goes colourless (not blank) with only busy mouse pointer
shown. This flickering instead of showing the splash screen and gdm
screen, is a usability problem.

Last but not the least, booting is fast.

Sankar P
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