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Re: [opensuse-gnome] empathy: Protocol support
Only googletalk works now, the rest is broken :-(

I'm afraid I'm having to "vote" against empathy too:

I did zypper in empathy telepathy-haze to get the full libpurple support
and when I started empathy for the first time, I was prompted to import
my Pidgin accounts...


1) Agreeing to import apparently achieves nothing - no accounts were
2) I have a Facebook account setup in Pidgin/libpurple. Anyone
switching from one messaging client to another would reasonably expect
all accounts to be transferred but even had point 1 worked correctly,
the Facebook account was not listed.

My response: to go straight back to Pidgin.

Joe User's response on first installing 11.2 and being presented with
Empathy: This is broken.
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