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[opensuse-gnome] Space on the Live CD
  • From: Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2009 23:56:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <20090808215614.GE5615@xxxxxxxxx>

Just to give some quick information on some stuff I've been working on
in the past few days. As some people noticed, we lost a few apps on the
livecd for m5 because of package conflicts and because of size issues.

I've been working a bit on the latter. Here are some notes. You'll see
that you can help.

Why this is important

If we can remove stuff from the livecd, it means we can add something
else :-) For m5, some packages were removed and we'd like to add them
back. The list I have (not sure it's complete :/) is beagle, gnome-do,
gnome-pilot, totem-plugins, xscreensaver, gnome-screensaver.

Now, I guess the goal is to first try to put those packages back. But
then, I'm pretty sure we'd all like to also have 4-5 new user-oriented
applications on the livecd.

If people have suggestions for those apps, then please share.

How you can help

See below for more details, but there are three immediate tasks that
could do with some help:

+ rewriting the smolt call in gnome-packagekit
+ splitting glibc-locale
+ splitting xscreensaver

I can help a bit for each of them, but it's way more likely to happen if
people step up ;-)

Detailed notes

+ we got rid of qt3 from there. It was only required by umtsmon, which
was a workaround for 3G not working well in NM.

+ we removed yast2-qt and yast2-qt-pkg. The livecd should be fine with
the gtk frontend only.

+ we removed python-opengl (quite big too). It was brought by a
recommends from gnome-games (for the 3D view in the chess game). It's
not needed at runtime, so we blacklisted it without removing the

+ Wolfgang is working on splitting the translation packages of
xulrunner and firefox (they can't live in -lang packages, and
therefore in bundle-lang packages because they're not noarch). With
this split, we'll have a limited set of translations on the livecd
(still a lot of languages, actually), but that should help quite a

+ smolt has been split in smolt and smolt-gui. The smolt-gui part is
the only part that requires python-qt4 (quite big). So we'll remove
it from the live cd. But to do that, we first need to update the
patch in gnome-packagekit that runs smolt on the first login to not
use the gui, but a small helper. This is not hard to do and I can
guide people there.
=> help needed

+ Sandy has been working to try to get rid of mono-winforms on the
livecd. It's required by mono-web, which is required by various apps.

+ there's some work to split the debugging information from mono
packages in the proper debuginfo packages. This should help quite a
bit too.

+ we're trying to get rid of some not-that-interesting icon themes in

+ I'm splitting the support for tcl plugins in libpurple (pidgin) and
xchat into subpackages. There are only three packages on the m5
livecd requiring tcl and tk: libpurple, xchat and python-openl. So
this automatically should go away soon.

+ I'm moving the doc files from gnome2-user-docs (huge packet) in a
proper lang package, so that they can be integrated in

+ qt4 is absolutely big on the livecd. It's only required by yast2-qt
(removed), smolt (via python-qt4, will be fixed, see above), and
sax2. I started a thread on opensuse-factory to see if we could
remove sax2 from the livecd. Apparently, it will stay for 11.2 :/

+ glibc-locale is the biggest package on the livecd. I'm looking at
splitting it in smaller chunks. Waiting for feedback from the glibc
packager, though. I'd appreciate if people could step up and do this.
=> help needed

+ split xscreensaver. This package contains a huge amount of
screensavers and, well, we really don't need to ship with more than
10-15 screensavers by default. Someone should create a list of
recommended screensavers, and then we could split the packages.
=> help needed

Finding more space to save

I'm sure more could be done. Just boot on the livecd, and look at the
list of packages. You can also sort the list of packages by size with:
rpm -qa --qf '%{size} %{name}\n' | sort -nr
Keep in mind that it's the installed size, and not the compressed size.

To get an overview of the compressed size, you can look at
Just open it, look for "=Pkg: gnome2-user-docs", eg, and then at the end
of the section for this package, you have a line looking like
"=Siz: 11194787 29571127" which contains the packet size and the
installed size.

The strategy is to look at what is at the top of the list of packages
(when sorted per size) and see how we can shave this a bit. A good
example is that samba-client is absolutely huge. Is this normal? Someone
could investigate.

Also, to see what requires a package on the livecd, just run "rpm --test
-e $pkg" from the livecd. You'll miss Recommends (you can find them in
/var/cache/zypp/raw/openSUSE-Factory/suse/setup/descr/packages.gz), but
that's a good start.



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