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[opensuse-gnome] Make gnome-main-menu pluginable
  • From: "David Liang" <dliang@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 13:30:59 -0600
  • Message-id: <49E8141402000042000069FE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,
Here is the thing:

I use gnome-main-menu a lot, but seldom use "Place".
The reasons maybe:
a) I use terminal a lot.
b) The current default setting of Nautilus having the place at the left
If I use Nautilus a lot, there will always running a Nautilus window.
if the left side of the Nautilus window was not covered by
other applications,
one click is enough.
if the left side of the Nautilus window was covered by other
"Atl+Table" and one click is my first choise.
second choise requires 2 steps:
1. look at my panel and click on a Running
Nautilus Button
2. click on the place at the left side of
the Nautilus.
But if I want to use gnome-main-menu to find the place,
there required 3 steps:
1. look at my panel and click on the
2. click the "Place" button.
3. click the needed place.
If I don't use Nautilus a lot, gnome-main-menu will be helpful.
But in this case, most time, I'm back to a). And a 'cd'
command will be more helpful.
Admitedly, the count of the steps did not mean all as each of the step I
use in gnome-main-menu takes less time.
I don't know what is the status in the others' usage. But I think I am
not the target user of "Place".

I read articals and bugs about recently used files, the requirements were
quit different:
recently meeting, recently appointment, recently saved files.
I have my own requirement and I guess some developers have the same one:
recently bugs. hehe
I'm working on replacing "Place" with "Bugs" in my gnome-main-menu.

From 1 and 2, the subject of this mail comes:
what about make the gnome-main-menu pluginable, recently app, recently
document, recently .....

David Liang.

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