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RE: [opensuse-gnome] Default torrentclient in Gnome
  • From: Bjørn Lie <bjorn.lie@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 22:45:20 +0100
  • Message-id: <1237758320.13844.32.camel@xxxxxxxxxx>
sø., 22.03.2009 kl. 20.00 +0000, skrev Andrew Wafaa:
As the person that did the initial review[0] of BitTorrent clients over
~18months ago for 11.0, it was myself that recommended Monsoon. The choice
was not mine alone but that of the community. As such if the community feels
it is prudent to review this choice and make ammendments then I am all for it.

In my review I had Transmission as the #2 choice so I'm happy to use that.
As for lack of releases for Monsoon, I'm not so sure that is necessarily a
bad thing. I have experienced very few issues with it and there have been a
couple of releases since the initial inclusion in 11.0. As for others using
it, one distro I know of is Foresight, so we are not alone (and so what if we
were?) ;-)

As I have very little usage of other distros what do the likes of
Fedora/Debian/Mandriva/Ubuntu/etc. use, also what is the default client



[0] -

Nobody is pointing fingers, I too voted for Monsoon as the default
client. That's not the point.

The problem with using a unknown/unused client is that we are the only
ones providing bugs and/or patches. And since I have a strong belife
that most of us deletes monsoon for a different client, even less bugs
get upstreamed.

I'm guilty of not bothering to report bugs in Monsoon, since there are
such good alternatives available (in my case Transmission and
Vuze(Azureus). Every time I try Monsoon it dies on me if I add 4-5
torrents seeds + a couple downloading.
If it does not die, it just stops downloading at any given moment.
Now the fact that I have issues with running Monsoon isn't a argument
against Monsoon, but the lack of will from me (and others I think) to
write bugs and whatnot is.

As for default torrent clients for other distros (under Gnome)

Fedora - Transmission

Ubuntu - Transmission

Mandriva - Transmission (was Deluge)

Debian - Don't know, my google-fu failed me, and I tried asking in
#debian but didn't get any response.

Looks like we need to get with the program :P


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