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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Moving packages from G:F to G:C/Contrib
On Tue, 2008-11-04 at 23:01 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:

Since I'm waiting doing nothing, I'm looking at the list of packages in
G:F and starting to look at what we could move to G:C (the goal being to
have them in Contrib) -- or drop them.

The criterias I used to create this list are something like:
+ is the project still alive upstream?
+ is it useful for that many people?

For those wondering, I can see a Novell reason to move stuff (I guess it
means less things to support for Novell), but also a reason for the
community (less rules, so faster action possible).

So, list of stuff:

+ all the galago things: we don't even know if it's still working
(note to self: this includes gnome-presence-applet)

+1 Move

+ bakefile: it seems it used to be required by webkit, but it's not

If so, die.

+ bombermaze: old game. Old. Did I say it's old? But probably fun.

+1 Move

+ conglomerate: an XML editor. Not really developed anymore.

+1 Move

+ eiciel: an ACL editor. I thought nautilus does this now?

It does all the extended ACl stuff as well?

+ fyre: a nice app, but, hrm, not really needed by many people


+ g-wrap: something related to guile. Not used by anything?

I thought gnucash used this at one point

+ gDesklets: I'm unsure there, feedback welcome.

Move it.

+ gbrainy: cool game, but not sure why it's here.

It was a request to put it in and I liked the game :-). I would be fine
with a move.

+ giver: err, this didn't move lately, and last thing I heard about it
is that it's not totally ready

Keep it around one more cycle at least.

+ glade: why do we keep the old unmaintained glade?

For compat - glade-3 drastically altered the xml on a load/save of a
glade 2 document. Moving it should be fine now.

+ gnome-blog: handy I guess, but not for most people

I tried to drop it before and got resistance, but contrib seems
reasonable since its not being updated upstream.

+ gnome-commander: not a lot of people replace nautilus

Enough we got several requests about it. I think we keep it for now.

+ gnome-reset: like gnome-blog

Move, I think supportconfig could maybe supersede this.

+ gnome-themes-extras: maybe? Depends on the themes in there, I guess

Keep for now I think.

+ gnomeicu: most people will use pidgin or a telepathy-based client

Agreed, move.

+ gob2: tool for developers, but I don't think anything use it anymore

gnome-pilot still might.

+ goobox: old sound-juicer competitor

+1 Move

+ gqview: we have eog

+1 Move.

+ gthumb: a bit harder, but I think most people are happy with f-spot

Keep it around one more cycle at least.

+ libesmtp: needed by balsa (which is not in G:F, but is related to G:F)
balsa is not that used, so a good candidate too
(oops, libesmtp is required by kdump, so no)

I think we should put the package up "for sale" then on

+ libghttp: not used by anything?

Appears to have been used by gconf 1.x back in the day. Move/drop.

+ libiptcdata: needed by gthumb only

So whatever happens to gthumb...

+ libmcs: not used by anything?
+ mergeant: not really for end-users...

True, but for developers I think we should keep it.

+ mozilla-bonobo: err. Bonobo?

Well, useful when things had bonobo viewers that could be embedded. +1

+ tasque: is it still developed?

Keep, getting some upstream love at least.

JP Rosevear <jpr@xxxxxxxxxx>
Novell, Inc.

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